Just a quick update on where we are with our engagement with the review implementation. We have continued our dialogue with MHCLG and other stakeholders including the CIC. We have managed to get our views in front of the Housing Minister. This morning we made our submission to the implementation team, please download below. A wide cross section of members were represented in the think tank that developed this response and those views that were submitted at and following the EGM were taken into account.

We have strong representation on a number of CIC working groups which seems to be positioning itself as a key adviser to Government. Specifically WORKING GROUP A – the definition of Higher Risk (Residential) Buildings and WORKING GROUP B – the Joint Competent Authority and Building Standards. In addition we have strong representation on the Industry Response Competence Working Group.

Please view the report here

We will continue to do our best to effectively represent all our members in ensuring a positive outcome.

Many Thanks

Paul Wilkins
Chair ACAI