Building compliance for all stages of construction

Building work that is controlled by the Building Control System must comply with the Building Regulations. As a licenced Approved Inspector, we can act as your designated Building Control Body and provide advice from the early stages to completion of your project. If you need to apply for Building Regulations for any project, we would be pleased to work with you.

We can provide advice on Building Regulation compliance for all stages of construction.

We provide building regulation advice to clients from their early concept design. This continues through the build process with the use of practical and informative site inspection records and dedicated Project Management.

After our initial appointment, we begin our statutory undertakings by serving an Initial Notice to the Local Authority to notify them that we are the appointed Building Control Body. Information submitted to our Project Managers is checked for compliance with the Building Regulations and any observations are recorded and communicated to the relevant parties.

The statutory consultations are also undertaken, these involve notifying the local sewerage authority of the works and consulting with the local Fire Authority in relation to Part B matters.

Upon completion of the works and after receiving all evidence of compliance and supporting documents, we will issue a Final Certificate and send a copy to the Local Authority for their records. If the works required a Fire Service Consultation, we will also send a copy of the Final Certificate to the Fire Officer to confirm compliance.

Our service is designed to guide and assist you through the Building Regulation process until completion
of your project.

Please view our resources page to access our submission forms or to view the Approved Documents that we adhere to.