Approved Inspector Role

Approved Inspector

‘Approved Inspectors are professional businesses that offer Building Regulation compliance and guidance on construction projects.’

Approved Inspectors are professional and specialist advisers of Building Regulations and provide a cost-effective and client-friendly alternative to Local Authority Building Control.

As a business, they are responsible for ensuring that construction work complies with Building Regulations throughout the project and are responsible for plan checking and inspection of the building work.

For a construction project to commence, the client and the Approved Inspector are required to jointly notify the local authority of the intended building work on an ‘Initial Notice’.

Once this ‘Initial Notice’ has been accepted by the Local Authority, the responsibility for plan checking and site inspection will be formally placed on the Approved Inspector throughout the duration of the project.

As an Approved Inspector we will:

  • Provide Building Regulations advice
  • Check design drawings/plans, details and calculations
  • Check designs for compliance
  • Issue a Plans Certificate
  • Provide Inspection of the building works in progress
  • Issue the Final Certificate.

It is important to ensure that a Final Certificate is obtained as evidence that the works have been approved and that the works comply with Building Regulations. If the Approved Inspector does not believe the works comply with the Building Regulations, they will not issue a certificate.

Why choose us as your Approved Inspector:

  • Competitive fees
  • Indisputable client care
  • Providing a quality service
  • Experienced and qualified site staff
  • Strong team with strong values.

For more information about Building Regulations, please readUnderstanding the building regulations by Simon Polley.

You can also read ‘The day in the life of a Building Control Surveyor (Approved Inspector) here.